Make the company goals visible to your employees, track them, and turn them into a game
Feedback and virtual rewards will encourage employees to achieve greatness.
Set goals and assign them to employees or teams
Employees receive notifications to update their goals and they earn virtual coins for achieving them
Employees buy virtual cards with their coins to complete a card collection. They are ranked in a leaderboard according to their collection’s value
Boost employee motivation with feedback and game elements
When employees have a personal dashboard, it’s impossible for them to ignore their goals.
The employee’s dashboard makes goals and progress clear. Plus, they will earn virtual coins and cards for achieving goals. Zeppelean keep them engage it! The salary bonus depends on achieving a goal? Employees will know how much is left to get it!
Simple, easy and nice. That's Zeppelean Goals
A spreadsheet isn’t enough for you anymore, but many company tools are too complicated. Zeppelean Goals is a simple tool, without any useless feature that hinder the experience.
Finally, the goal management tool that everybody loves to use. Designed for the ones who have to achieve goals, not only for the ones who create them.
Identify your TOP employees with the data panel
Perhaps you may know which employees or teams aren’t achieving goals properly. nevertheless, Zeppelean is a more reliable source of information than your guts.
Get employees and teams statistics with two clicks. Make always the best decision.